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Mr. Macaron 60ml vape juice is the classic take on delicious sweet citrus lemon cake goodness. There is a sweet and balanced hint of tart lemon with the smooth cloud tasty cake exhale. Classic dessert lovers with be obsessed with this new flavor from Mr. Macaron.

Mr. Macaron is the vape juice brand for those who crave delicate yet intensely flavorful Parisian delicacies. If your sweet tooth craves the tart kiss of lemon, Mr. Macaron’s Lemon Cake vape juice is going to deliver intense satisfaction to your taste buds. Lemon Cake ejuice boasts that beautiful balance of sweet and sour that makes the mouth water. Like all of the juices from Mr. Macaron, Lemon Cake elquid is made with only the best ingredients to ensure a quality vaping experience.

Mr. Macaron’s Lemon Cake vape juice tastes exactly like a rich, buttery cake that’s been soaked in yummy lemon syrup. Each inhale and exhale of Lemon Cake vape juice is an exhilarating delight that you’re going to savor.

When you inhale Lemon Cake vape juice, explosive lemon flavor hits the tongue and makes the taste buds tingle with pleasure. Slowly, the sweetness of the sugary cake flavor intensifies. On the exhale, that sweetness combines with the rich, buttery cake flavor to satisfy your cravings.

Lemon Cake vape juice by Mr. Macaron comes in a 60 ml dropper bottle with a childproof cap and s available in three nicotine levels. Its base of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) gives you a good throat hit as well as big, fluffy vape clouds.

Mr. Macaron’s Lemon Cake vape juice is the ultimate treat for lemon fanatics. This citrus-kissed dessert is going to blow away your taste buds with intense flavor each time you take a puff.


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