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As the name suggests, Crème De La Crème is among the very best e-juice artisans within the vaping community today. Painstakingly formulating each and every profile, all of their marvelous offerings are well-balanced, delicious, and absolutely flawless in every fashion. Multi-layered, you will appreciate the all-day-vape potential of this legendary collection, making it the ideal choice among experienced vapers. Within their exclusive assortment of fruit-flavored e-juices, El Presidente has received an astonishing response by reviewers and consumers alike.

El Presidente E-Juice by Crème De La Crème represents an incredibly authentic mixture of sweet Hawaiian pineapples, tropical mangoes, juicy Georgian peaches, and hints of exotic passion fruit. In addition to the remarkable accuracy of taste, what’s astonishing about El Presidente is that the assortment of fruits don’t overpower one another, but rather complement each other brilliantly. You will taste each individual fruit, some on the inhale and others upon exhale, making this masterpiece perfect as an all-day-vape that you can enjoy for long periods of time.


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